You’ve just recorded a killer record.

You’re on top of the world, your creative juices have been flowing for days, weeks – maybe even months.

You’re the happiest human alive, you’re on top of the world, you can’t wait to share your music with the world.

So you rush to a service that distributes your music.

Heck forget the distribution – you go to SoundCloud or Bandcamp, maybe even YouTube and just upload your music, hoping it gets a chance in an oversaturated market, hoping a big music publication will feature your song on their website.

But sadly, all you hear are crickets.

No one is discovering your music, no big music publications – oh wait you got four likes!

Never mind.. it’s just your drummer, lead and rhythm guitarist and bassist.

Your music deserves to be heard.

Your music deserves to be discovered by people all over the world.

But where do you start?

Should you even start?

You’re a musician right? You don’t need to know about marketing, that’s what the record labels and publicists and PR companies are for.

But you’re a DIY musician, an unsigned artist.

Sure, you could drop $1,500 for a PR company to share your music with some pretty great outlets – but why not learn the process yourself?

This will not only benefit you from a knowledge standpoint but will give you a better understanding of what to look for in a PR company and the things that they should be doing – the same can be said about a record label.

You can easily spend $1,500 for a PR company to pitch your music to media outlets, but why not learn the ropes and do it yourself?

What could you do with an extra $1,500 that could go towards your music career?

$500 could go towards effective paid advertising, the rest to fund your merch printing, etc. There are so many things to consider when planning your next release.

And honestly?

That shit is expensive.

You are not “cheaping out” by learning this stuff yourself, you are not cutting corners – if anything, you are investing in yourself and equipping yourself with the resources to cut through the bullshit out there.

Throughout your journey here, you will learn a variety of things, one of them being social media marketing.

You will learn how to master social media and not only create an effective strategy for your music, but maximize the impact of your next release.

This site is built with one thing in mind – to empower musicians and point them in the right direction when it comes to planning a release, marketing your music, and so much more.

Making good music is hard – but marketing your music shouldn’t be.

But first…

What is music marketing?

Music marketing is increasing awareness around your music, and peaking new and existing listeners’ interest.

Simple as that.

But how do you market your music?

There are tons of different ways to approach this, whether it be through paid advertising and organic strategies through social media, handing out flyers at local shows, billboards – the list goes on.

Marketing is crucial to any release strategy – if there is no marketing involved, no one will know that you exist, considering how many songs are released each and every day.

With music continuing to grow, and a slew of artists continuing to release music, it is becoming difficult to stand out among the crowd.

In fact, according to there are about 1,000 songs uploaded to music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music every single hour.

This is insane.

However this also raises some questions – how will my music stand out amongst the rest?

With the constant push of music from other creatives, can’t it become overwhelming and competitive?

Yes, music is very competitive.

But that doesn’t mean that you should give up after a failed attempt. We’ve all had failed projects or members that are not on the same page as you. Music is all about experience and trial and error, but most importantly, it is about hard work and dedication.

Many up and coming musicians are blinded by the “overnight” success of others and become frustrated when their release does not go as planned – they don’t get signed to a record label, they don’t land huge tours.

We tend to expect to much from little to no effort. In the real world, releasing music effectively takes time and a strategy in place.

All in all, music marketing is an art in itself, and with the content we will be pushing to our website, podcast, and more, we hope to inspire and give musicians the resources they need to make the most out of their future releases.


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