Video Design

Your visuals are just as important as your music.

Keep your fans engaged through the most interactive form of content – video.

Tour Announcement Videos

What better way to announce your next tour through an interactive video, highlighting what it’s like to experience your shows.

Captivate your target audience with a video announcement for your next tour – easily share this to your social media feeds, as well as your stories!

From listing your socials to leading people to their preferred streaming platform, we will customize your video to your liking.

And did ya have a venue change after launching your video? No worries. Just let us know, and we will edit it, hassle-free. 

Paired with digital ads, video is one of the most effective ways to announce and promote your upcoming tour or live show.

Audio Visualizers (Stream Videos)

Transform your fan’s listening experience with an audio visualizer, displaying your logo, track title, album release information + more.

Looking to share your music with the world but can’t afford a music video? Not to worry – that is where stream videos come in. They are cost-effective and still keep your audience entertained!

Stream videos are a great way to proudly visualize your sonic creations. They do well as digital ads, as well as being premiered through press outlets, YouTube Channels, and more.

Our stream videos are made to complement your artwork, color scheme, and overall branding.

Motion Graphics / Animated Streams

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if we could animate said picture? Bring life to your album or single artwork through our motion graphics.

Depending on your artwork, we are able to animate and manipulate various figures, shapes, and elements, adding a sense of depth to your assets. 

By animating your artwork, we can implement a story, or have a teaser to utilize to promote your full animation video.

We are able to create smaller clips and snippets to promote your release, leaving fans excited and anticipated to view the full video.

Anyone can have great artwork, but not everyone can have great animation.

Motion graphics will set you apart from the rest, leaving your fans and other musicians to admire your content.

Here are some more videos that we have created.

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