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frequently asked questions

We are a music marketing agency and resource. You can either hire us or learn from us.

To sum it all up nicely, paid advertising is when we...

- Manage and create ads campaigns

- Implement best marketing strategies, including but not limited to audience research, split testing, retargeting, Pixel implementation, and goal adjustments

- Use of data gathered from the platform we are using to make executive advertising decisions.

- Hit specific KPIs (Spotify Follower/Stream Growth, Ecommerce Sales, Music Video Views, Pre-Save Campaigns, D2C Pre-Orders +more)

Our team of social experts will help you create a social media strategy and content plan. We can...

- Hop on a 45 minute video discovery call to understand your goals and your previous content strategy 

- Provide an analysis on your current social media strategy and your biggest opportunities and content gaps

- Develop a concrete social media plan that includes video scripting (if applicable), copywriting, and overall content direction

- Let you know exactly what (and when) to post to your social media channels

While we can give you an expectation of results, we cannot give you a specific number simply because there are so many external factors that play into the ad space and have an effect on conversion costs - from ad competition, your genre, your fanbase, to the quality of your music and/or visual content.

It depends on the service and your specific goals. Click to one of our service offerings to learn more about our pricing.

We have a system that works. Plain and simple. We also put in a lot of effort into our content, and do our best to explain exactly what we do. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out. However, with over 50 applications per day, it is nearly impossible to hop on a call with everyone. 

We work with a limited amount of artists per month. We will reach out as our bandwidth increases.

Yes - you can learn our exact process in our Academy. Our goal is to help you - whether that is through working directly together, our one-off consultations, or through our online courses.

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