How to Build an Online Presence As A Musician

You’re a musician. A creator. A thinker.

You have these amazing songs written that you’re just itching to share with people all over the world.

But how do you do this?

How do you build an online presence?

How do you get people to find your music?

A simple yet effective way is by creating social media pages for your music. There are over 3.484 billion daily users on social media platforms. 3.484 BILLION.

instagram likes for bands

That’s almost 42% of the world’s population!

Is Social Media Really Important for Musicians?

Social Media is a powerful tool, and although there are tons of algorithm changes and organic reach continues to dwindle down, it is still a powerful tool that needs to be in your music marketing arsenal.

In addition to social platforms, you might also want to build a website to share information about your music project, such as a biography, listing upcoming shows or tours, and merchandise. Once you start making your online presence known, people will start to become aware of your music, and your goals may naturally evolve into something more measurable, such as ticket sales, merchandise purchases, and more.

Now let’s say that we have a digital presence and begin to attract followers, we start seeing people listen to your music and visit your website – what do we do now?

There is only so much organic reach through social media, and only so many people that will willing share your music.

We want to start expanding our reach and get in front of new eyes through paid advertising, different forms of engagement such as Facebook Groups, and other marketing efforts.

Whatever your ultimate digital goals are, or where you currently stand, your priorities will naturally change and grow with your project.

Scenario – you’re killing it on social media and started to get traffic to your site. You’ve generated some buzz on your platforms, people are liking and engaging with your posts, you feel good.

But do we stop there?

We’ve set some goals, we have these dreams, but we cannot forget the importance of measuring our progress and seeing our growth. We are going to want to look at our analytics and see our progress as well as measure them up against the goals that we have set.

measuring artist goals

On most any digital platform, whether it be your website or social media outlet, there is something called analytics, or insights.

Analytics will allow us to analyze our efforts as well as get to know what is working well, and what isn’t working.

Not only do we have to establish that our members are in this music thing for the long haul, but we also have to make sure that our digital strategies are in for the long haul as well.

Everyone has seen this (I like to call it the local band curse) – a band creates a page, they take some cool promos, and then – BAM. We see a suspenseful “big things coming soon” Facebook post.

Don’t do this.


And ESPECIALLY don’t do this if you don’t have ANY things coming soon at all. I remember a band from my area made a post that was along the lines of this, and I reached out to them, asking “hey what do you guys have in the works?”

Their response?

“We don’t have anything goin’ on, we’re just starting out. Want to get signed but we need music first aha.”


So they have nothing, yet want everything that everyone dreams of in music. Your digital plan needs to be geared towards the long haul, there has to be some framework or general road map in place that you can follow and reference to make sure that you don’t just jump ship when you have “nothing going on.”

But it isn’t just about making a plan and just go at it – you need to be prepared for roadblocks.

You need to make sure you set realistic expectations, tracking and keeping tabs on your results, and adapting to the changes that get thrown in your face.

The first thing to remember out of any digital strategy is this – you won’t be an overnight success, and you will not see results immediately.

It can take a while to not only get your ducks in a row but also generate online buzz.

how long does social media for musicians take to take off?

All in all, before you jumpstart and want to dive into building your digital strategy, you need to make sure you’ve established the following –

1. Your goals

2. Realistic expectations

3. Everyone is on the same page

4. What you are releasing


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