How to Get Your Music Heard – A Free Guide by simpl.


Attract more song plays, new fans, and industry attention – all on your own! Getting your music heard and growing your audience is the hardest part. We want to help you on the journey with this FREE step-by-step course.

Why we made this guide.

The simpl. team specializes exclusively in music marketing. Music marketing is a strange and ever-changing discipline, so much so that even experienced “regular” marketers can sometimes waste opportunities for growth by missing unique steps or misunderstanding the niche. In that sense, music marketing is then really, really tough for those who don’t have a marketing or promotional background. We want to help you make the most of the opportunities you have, while simultaneously tickling the part of your brain that says “hey, I really like the folks at simpl. and they seem to know what they’re doing.” We figure that if you get famous from using the steps in this guide, you’ll reach out for paid marketing help when autograph signings and endless touring make you too busy to handle it on your own. Pretty good deal, hey?


“I figured I’d share an update on my pre-save campaign I did a month ago. Well, my band went from 7k~ monthly listeners to 31k! This release strategy got me on RR and DW, so I will probably be doing it again for my next release.” Eric, The Curse Within

Who's this guide for?

This guide is for budget-conscious or curious musicians. We know that not everyone has the money to pay for professional support. We know that some people really just want to learn how to handle their day-to-day band operations on their own. Many musicians fall into both camps. We worked hard to keep this guide easy to read for normal folks, so the content is very beginner-friendly while still delivering value to those who have some marketing chops and want specialized insight. This guide is likely NOT for the lazy. It includes practical exercises that will require you to do some work – if you’re a band, you’ve all gotta chip in.

Can I just hire someone to help me with my release?

Yes, you certainly can. If you don’t fall into the ‘budget-conscious or curious musician’ camps, then you may benefit from one-on-one coaching with our founder or managed and measured campaign delivery. That being said, we feel it’s important for musicians to understand at least the basics of music marketing, whether it’s through this guide or engaging with others like you in our Facebook group for indie musicians.

What will I get out of this?

Ideally, you’ll have a better sense of your goals, path, opportunities, and technologies that can help you on the journey. If you’re a band that’s participating in the exercises together, you may find that you’re more on the same page about the future. Or you’ll break up because you realize your drummer doesn’t have the same goals as you and this whole thing was a waste, like why did we even buy a friggin van with the band money if we aren’t going to tour, Devon?

Topics covered include:

  • An introduction to music marketing, to bring you up to speed on the basics.
  • Defining goals as an artist or band, to get you on the same page moving forward.
  • Money and budgeting for musicians, so you can actually do cool things.
  • Social media for music, so you can gain more fans without spending.
  • Understanding target audiences, so that your marketing efforts are effective.
  • Do-it-yourself public relations and media outreach (we have something free for that, too)
  • Marketing, both paid and free, so you can reach ideal fans.
  • A checklist for your release, so you can feel confident you nailed it
  • Very colorful PDFs you can save for reference later or print out for your bedroom, if your bedroom has a general vaporwave vibe.

Why is it free?

It’s content marketing. This guide:

  • Gives simpl. an opportunity to become the people you think about when you think “I need to market my music, or learn how to be better”. Maybe you’ll tell a friend.
  • Helps us give back to the communities we care about – because we know how much of a grind the life of an indie musician is. We learned our craft through a combination of experience in DIY band life, and experience in marketing agencies. Guides like this have helped countless artists grind just a little less and see better results with less heartache.

Get access to the free guide:

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If you’re a musician looking to improve your marketing, grow your fanbase, and get noticed by the people you want to be noticing you, we can help. 

simpl. offers a program called Academy, where our founder and ace music marketer Anthony Pacheco guides artists through next-level promotions and helps bands grow.

“My band Aluxes has had a hard time breaking outside of our region for many years. Always wondered what we could be doing to reach more people, followers, and so on. Academy by simpl. has helped us reach out to places and regions we never thought possible. I would recommend Academy to anyone who is seeking a chance to be heard and grow the fan base you have always dreamed of having.” – Aluxes