There are no overnight success stories here – only real, hard-working industry folk that we love to connect with and learn more about their journey.

Making good music is hard...

Everyone and their mom is a producer now – has this killed music? Do we have too much music available as consumers? 

The short answer is yes – there is too much music out there. Making good music is the first step into any marketing venture out there, which is the hardest part.

Marketing Your Music Shouldn't Be.

There is a science behind marketing, and there is no right way to do things. Anyone that claims that they have it figured out or have a magic blueprint to success – is full of it.

We provide you with the tools, knowledge, case studies, and support to maximize your release – the execution, delivery, and results are up to you (unless you hire us – that is where we guarantee results).



years of combined marketing experience spanned across B2B, B2C, the music industry, nonprofits + more.


businesses and artist managed across organic and paid mediums such as print, digital marketing + more.

Who the hell are we?

"We" is us (for now)

Anthony Pacheco

founder / wanna-be educator / coffee fiend

Chris Wethington

musician / artist manager / coffee fiend