Making good music is hard – but marketing your music shouldn’t be.

It’s simpl.

simpl. was born out of the idea of wanting to help musicians better navigate the modern music industry.

To that end, we’ve created tons of resources to bring as much helpful content as we possibly can to hard-working musicians just like you.

The Music Industry Has Changed.

And most artists have not.

We know that it can be overwhelming to try to master every skill you need to put your project on a path to success.

That’s why we created our Academy.

Academy is deep dive, lesson-based program that covers the music business all the way from PR, to marketing, project management, Spotify Playlisting, release strategies and more!



    We create and manage ad campaigns implementing best marketing practices including but not limited to: audience research, split testing, retargeting, pixel implementation, and goal adjustments.


    We pitch your release to our network of independent Spotify curator playlists, up to 100k followers. Using marketing techniques, we can also build consistent growth on Spotify (and any other platform).


    Whether you're an artist, an agency, a label, or any other kind of company, we are available for consultations on topics from marketing, to releases, touring, and more!


    For artists who feel they need hands-on guidance, we offer Artist Development over a span of 3-6 months to make sure everything is where it needs to be!


    We can create and develop an array of videos, ranging from lyric videos to stream videos for use with releases, merch drops, ads, and more!


Join us every Saturday at 10:00 am PST for our Music Marketing Chat on Twitch!

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